LegalShield Small Business Legal Plans

Affordable legal protection tailored to your business needs.

Hiring an attorney for your business can be expensive, and DIY legal isn’t always that helpful. LegalShield’s Small
Business Legal Plans remove the cost barrier and give you access to a provider law firm for an affordable monthly fee.
With LegalShield you are not alone. Three levels of coverage are available.

Get the legal advice you need without the inflated bill afterwards.

LegalShield Small Business Plan Overview
Trucker protected with LegalShield's CDLP

Protecting America's Most Needed.

As a commercial driver, it is critical to support your livelihood by maintaining a clean record and
always having affordable coverage when you need it. LegalShield’s Commercial Drivers Legal Plan
(CDLP) provides commercial drivers and their spouses legal services and coverage in a wide range of career-specific legal issues for a low monthly rate.

Don't Leave It To Chance. Let LegalShield Protect You On and Off The Road.

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