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             Dispatch Services

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Or so you thought. Getting a profitable load in this market can be frustrating in itself. Add on the responsibilities of keeping up with required quarterly and annual filings, vehicle maintenance, and all of the other compliance tasks and you're left feeling overwhelmed and confused. 

With Hustle and Go Carrier Services LLC Dispatch Services, you get more than a load negotiator. You get a team of partners dedicated to your business's success.


  • Weekly Break-Even Analysis and Load Profitability Statements

  • Route Planning to Optimize Fuel Economy and Minimize Diesel Expense
  • Carrier TMS Platform to Better Track Load Documents and Week to Week Income

  • Monthly ELD Audits, Driver Qualification File Management, DOT Drug and Alcohol Consortium/TPA and More!

Copy of MC Authority COI and Insurance Company Contact Information Signed W-9 Signed Agreement Power of Attorney Completed Company Profile Factoring Company NOA and Contact Information and Login ELD CARRIER SUP (1)

Equipment We Work With 

  • Non-CDL/CDL 26 ft Box Truck/Reefer
  • Non-CDL/CDL Hot Shot (at least 30 ft)
  • Flatbed (at least 48 ft)
  • Auto Hauler
  • 53 ft Dry Van/Reefer

                                       Dispatch Packages

Basic Package- 10%

Perfect for the owner operator who wants to focus on the road while getting support with handling the behind the scenes tasks. From A to Z your basic business operations will be the least of your worries with your dedicated team of Carrier Support Agents.

Box truck driving down the road

  • Dispatching (including all paperwork)
  • Factoring/Invoicing
  • Carrier TMS Platform
  • UCR Registration/Renewal
  • MCS-150 Filing
  • BOC-3 Filing
  • Weekly Break-Even Analysis
  • Route Planning (including fuel calculator and parking)
  • Load Profitability Statement
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Bi-Weekly Goal Review Meeting
  • Driver Retention
Loaded Flatbed

Premium Package- 12%

Looking to expand your trucking business or already expanded and could use some support managing your fleet? With this premium package you will get all of the features of the Basic Package with the extra perks of:

  • Driver Qualification File Management
  • Vehicle Maintenance Records
  • Driver Background Checks
  • Permits (NY HUT, KYU, NM WDT)
  • IFTA Registration & Quarterly Filing
  • IRP Registration 
  • Form 2290 Filing
  • Driver Recruitment
  • Driver Retention

Platinum Package- 15%

Looking for the ultimate dispatching service? Ask and you shall receive. Hustle and Go Carrier Services LLC has combined the top services to meet the needs of any fleet. The Platinum Package provides all of the administrative tasks without the worry of deadlines, per load permits, and safety and compliance mandates. 


  • All Premium Services Plus
  • DOT Drug and Alcohol Program
  • Permits (Liquor, Oversized)
  • ELD Audit
  • Monthly Safety and Compliance Review
  • Audit Preparation