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About Us


Our Mission

At Hustle and Go Carrier Services LLC, we understand the need for partnerships with people who have the best interest of you and your business at heart. We provide services and connections that will not only streamline your trucking operations, but also minimize expenses, increase profits, and reach far beyond your goals of growth and success.


Who We Are

Hustle and Go Carrier Services LLC is the venture of a construction worker by trade and a nurse by license. After working through the pandemic, we both knew we needed another source of income that would be beneficial to the economy, fulfill our love for travel, and leave a legacy for our family. What better way than driving across the country and moving essential supplies and necessities where they are needed most?  Our backgrounds of customer service, attention to detail, time management, and safety regulations strengthened our belief of being successful in all aspects of the trucking industry. As we dove into this new journey we quickly realized that there were things missing in the dispatcher area. We had hired and fired 2 by the time we were 2.5 months in. They simply did not have our best interest at heart and offered no value outside of filling out carrier packets and signing rate cons. This brought about the birthing of Hustle and Go Carrier Services LLC. We bring the upmost desire to see owner operators, independent contractors, and fleet owners succeed. 

Core values

We don't believe in obtaining clients at Hustle and Go Carrier Services. Instead we create partnerships that exemplify collaboration to achieve goals, set new ones and repeat. Through open dialogue, daily check-ins and bi-weekly meetings, all parties will be on one accord leading you down the road to success. We will game plan, review and adjust as a team so that we grow and become prosperous together.

Only with knowledge and experience can we achieve optimal performance and profitable results. At Hustle and Go Carrier Services we are committed to continual education of ourselves and our partners. Staying in the know of industry trends, regulations, and technology is our promise to you.

Nothing is worse than having to wait for support or having to deal with stressful situations alone. With a team of dedicated carrier agents, 24/7 support will be the norm. No more waiting hours, long nights, and weekends to have your concerns addressed. Hustle and Go Carrier Services will take care of the day to day tasks of running your trucking operations so you can focus on what matters most, navigating the roads safely.




Valincia Tyson

President, CEO, Co-Founder

Kenneth Shipp, Sr
Vice President, CFO, Co-Founder

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